COZYROC Excel Add-In for SAS

COZYROC is introducing the COZYROC Excel Add-In for SAS. This add-in provides the user with the ability to open and save SAS data from within Excel. The add-in does not use SAS for any processing and is 100% standalone. Highlights:

COZYROC SSIS+ 1.6 now officially released

COZYROC SSIS+ 1.6 is out of beta. We can now say this is the most ambitious release of the SSIS+ library. The new release includes 15 new adapters, 8 new connection managers and many other enhancements like support for SQL 2012, dynamic data flow transformations, Dynamics CRM 2011 web services, Salesforce bulk-load API, SharePoint 365 and many others. In total it took 22 months of development to deliver this amazing package. We would like to Thank all our loyal customers for their support and assistance!

Released COZYROC SSIS+ 1.6 Beta 2

It took longer than expected, but SSIS+ 1.6 Beta 2 ( is now official. The major features included in the new Beta are:

  • Support for SharePoint Online/Office 365.
  • Support for Upsert action in Dynamics CRM Destination component.
  • Support for Dynamics CRM 2011 web services. As a result, COZYROC Dynamics CRM adapters now support Office 365 and Federation deployment.

Check below all other 1.6 Beta 2 - related updates: