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Data flow transformation, directing input rows to match or no match outputs based on specified regular expression.


The script has the following parameters:

  • Column - specifies the input column to use in the regular expression.
  • Pattern - specifies regular expression pattern.
  • IgnoreCase - specifies to do case-insensitive matching.
  • Multiline - specifies to use multiline mode.


Depends on COZYROC Script Component Plus for implementing parameters user interface.
Requires installation of COZYROC SSIS+ 1.4 library.

Library references

  • System
  • System.Data
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.TxScript
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.PipelineHost
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPipelineWrap
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSRuntimeWrap
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS
  • CozyRoc.SSISPlus