Dynamics AX API


These public interfaces are used in Dynamics AX components. They are provided for implementing advanced functionality in your scripts. In order for you to use these interfaces in your project, you have to reference CozyRoc.SSISPlus.dll and Microsoft.Dynamics.BusinessConnectorNet.dll libraries.


When you call Dynamics AX Connection Manager AcquireConnection method, it returns object implementing IAxConnection interface. This is the interface used for interaction with Dynamics AX server.

Connect method

Connects to Dynamics AX server. The method result is Axapta object.

Close method

Closes the connection to Dynamics AX server. Use always after you finish working with the server.

IsConnected method

Returns true if connected to the server.

GetTables method

Get list of Dynamics AX tables. These are the method parameters:

  • accessType (int) - table access type. It can be one of the options listed in the following table.
    Value Description
    0 Returns all tables, including tables without access.
    1 Returns tables, which can viewed
    2 Returns tables, which can be updated.
    3 Returns tables, which permit add.
    4 Returns tables, which permit delete.
GetTableFields method

Gets table fields. The method returns array of IAxTableField objects. These are the method parameters:

  • table (string) - Dynamics AX table.
ServerUser property (string)

Specify user name to access Dynamics AX server.

ServerDomain property (string)

Specify the domain associated with the Windows user.

RetainSameConnection property (bool)

Specify if all clients should use the same connection. This property has the options listed in the following table.

Value Description
True All clients use same connection (default).
False Every client uses different connection.
ProxyUser property (string)

Specify Business Connector Proxy user.

ProxyPassword property (string)

Specify Business Connector Proxy password.

ProxyDomain property (string)

Specify Business Connector Proxy domain.

Company property (string)

Specify company you want to select for the session.

Language property (string)

Specify language to use for Microsoft Dynamics AX labels. For example, "en-us".

ObjectServer property (string)

Specify Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Object Server (AOS) to connect to. For example, Company1@AosInstance:PortNumber.

Configuration property (string)

Specify name of the Microsoft Dynamics AX configuration to use while logging on.


This interface is used to retrieve table field information.

Id property (int)

Returns field identifier.

Name property (string)

Returns field name.

FieldType property (int)

Returns field type. The type can be one of the types listed here.

Length property (int)

Returns field length. Note: This property applies only to fields of type string.

Rights property (int)

Returns field access rights. It can be one of the options listed in the following table.

Value Description
0 Field cannot be accessed.
1 Field can be viewed.
2 Field can be updated.