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The Dynamics CRM Source Component is an SSIS Data Flow Component for consuming data from the Dynamics CRM Service. The configuration parameters are provided in the standard data flow source component dialog.



    Use the parameters below to set up the component.


    Select an existing Dynamics CRM connection manager.

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    Specify the number of rows to be retrieved as a batch. The maximum is 500.

    Specify the input type. This parameter has the options listed in the following table.

    Value Description
    Entity The input type is a Dynamics CRM entity. Selecting this value displays the dynamic parameter Entity.
    FetchXML The input type is a FetchXML query. Selecting this value displays the dynamic parameter FetchXML.
    After changing the input type, you must use the Refresh command in the 'Column Mappings' tab to reload the source entity metadata.

    Select the Dynamics CRM data entity.

    Specify the FetchXML statement. Select to design your query in the standard Advanced Find dialog.

    Advanced Find is not available in CRM 3.0

    How to modify the source dynamically at runtime

    The source entity or query are available in the data flow properties list. Follow these steps to set up an expression:

    • Right-click on the data flow canvas and select the Properties menu.
    • Scroll down until you find the property named [Dynamics CRM Source].[FetchXML] or [Dynamics CRM Source].[Entity]. This is the property containing the query.
    • Scroll down and find the Expressions property. Set up an expression to dynamically populate the property containing the query.

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