REST Connection Manager is an SSIS Connection Manager for establishing REST connections. Use the API to build components based on the REST Connection Manager. The REST Connection Manager depends on configuration which describes the REST service in use.


Use the REST Connection Manager dialog to specify properties for connecting to the REST service.

Server Options

Select the REST service to use. The following services are currently supported:

If you want to see support for other services, please contact us to discuss this.

Specify the name or IP address of the REST service.

For REST service authorized by a token, you must select the connection token file. If a token file does not exist, you must create a New... token.

Specify the token file decryption password.

Each REST service has specific parameters for establishing successful connections. Press the icon to get more information about the connection parameters.

Specify the number of seconds before timing out the session connection. The default value of this property is 100 seconds.

Specify if all clients should use the same connection. This property has the options listed in the following table.

Value Description
True All clients use the same connection (default).
False Every client uses a different connection.
Test Connection

Confirm the connection manager configuration by clicking Test Connection.

Advanced Options

Specify the verbose log file name for investigating REST connection issues.

Specify the number of web services requests per second. The default is 5 requests/second.

Specify the maximum request retry number.

Specify the number of seconds to pause between retries. The default is 30 seconds.

Optional. Specify to retry only if the error message matches the RegEx pattern.

Proxy Options

Specify the name or IP address of the proxy server. If not specified, a proxy server is not used.

Specify the port number on the proxy server to use for the connection.

Specify the user name to access the proxy server.

Specify the password to access the proxy server.

How to get a new REST Token

The token setup process is organized as a wizard consisting of three steps:

  1. Step: Specify the REST service parameters required to initiate the authorization. If there are no parameters, check the next step.
  2. Step: Authorize COZYROC SSIS+ to connect to the REST service. If the token retrieval succeeds, the next wizard step will have the access token, refresh token, etc automatically populated in the next step.
  3. Step: If the automatic token retrieval fails, you can manually specify the access token. If all required information is populated, you can specify the token file name and password to save it.

Tips for successful token retrieve:

  • Disable the Windows Firewall.
  • Explicitly Run As: Admin Visual Studio.
  • Try running the token retrieval from a different machine.