• Fixed: Salesforce Source metadata columns names issue when missing a related object in the sample results.
  • New: Improvements in connection manager dialogs when running in High DPI mode.

  • New: Support for Zoho CRM v2 API.
  • New: JavaScript Component display of "Mappings" tab is controlled in the script
  • New: JavaScript Component now shows a readonly metadata report ("Input columns" and "Inputs and Outputs" are retired)
  • New: Support for afterEdit for JavaScript parameters
  • New: Helper methods for JavaScript Component in component.metadata.js
  • New: More declarative JavaScript validation via built-in functions like validation.required (breaking change)

  • New: EDI Connection
  • New: EDI Destination

  • New: JavaScript Task.
  • New: JavaScript Component.

JavaScript Component


JavaScript Component

JavaScript Component enables automating of any custom logic in the data flow. It is an alternative of Microsoft Script Component and COZYROC Script Component Plus. You might also consider using it instead of Microsoft Derived Column Transformation if you need to deal with more complex expressions.

  • New: Support for SQL Server 2019

  • New: Support for NetSuite token-based authentication.