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The search is over. Finally, a worthwhile strategic partnership that will help grow your business. Don't run the risk of your business’s growth becoming stagnant. Here are five good reasons to consider COZYROC as your strategic partner.

Partner Referral

1. Partner Referral – because our customers trust our software products, they trust who we refer them to. By participating in the COZYROC Partner Alliance Program, it can help your company acquire new clients and/or customers.

2. Competitive Edge – Our Partner Alliance Program can give your business the edge it needs over your competitors by leveraging each other’s assets – which may include software, services, or deep industry expertise.

Additional Resources

3. Additional Resources – partners that participate in the COZYROC Partner Alliance Program gain access to COZYROC’S library of templates and recipes. These templates and recipes have helped our partners jump start their data integration projects.

4. Improve Profitability – in addition to acquiring new clients, members of the COZYROC Partner Alliance Program are eligible to earn rebates and discounts on the sale of our Ultimate Subscription as well as Perpetual and Site licenses.

Brand Awareness and Trust

5. Build Brand Awareness and Trust – by participating in the COZYROC Partner Alliance Program, partners can market their logo, products, and services on the COZYROC's Partner Directory, thus exposing their company to our large customer base.

Become a Partner

COZYROC is committed to building a strong partner ecosystem to provide more value for our partners and customers. The COZYROC's Partner Alliance Program is a network of strategic partnerships that creates new avenues for delivering and implementing Data Integration Solutions using our suite of 200+ Components.

For future inquires or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Fernando Sanchez at or by phone +1 (919) 249-7421.