Released COZYROC SSIS+ 1.8 SR-2 ( The release includes the following major changes:

Act-On Connection
  • New: Introduced connection.
Data Flow Task Plus
  • New: Support for ODBC Source and Oracle Source components.
EDI Connection
  • New: Introduced connection.
EDI Destination
  • New: Introduced component.
EDI Source
  • New: A custom editor to replace the basic one.
  • New: All previous configuration properties are now available in the new EDI Connection. This is the recommended way of configuring the component.
  • New: A new parameter InsertSequenceTerminator to support "composite records"-compatible formatting of output data.
Excel Connection
  • New: Support for Excel 2019.
  • New: A new parameter DateTimeFormat to specify string format when writing DateTime values.
Exchange Connection
  • New: Support for Exchange Online token-based authentication.
FTPS Connection
  • New: Support for Curve25519 elliptic curve algorithm.
HubSpot Connection
  • New: Support for 'Analytics', 'Association', 'Ticket', 'Product', 'Line Item', 'CRM Object Property' resources.
JavaScript Component
  • New: Introduced component.
JavaScript Task
  • New: Introduced task.
KRONOS Connection
  • New: Introduced connection.
Legacy Amazon S3 Connection
  • New: Support for Signature 4 protocol.
  • New: Basic clipboard cut/copy/paste operations for use in lookups definition grid.
Microsoft Dataverse Connection
  • New: Introduced connection.
NetSuite Connection
  • New: Updated web service proxy to version v2018.2.
  • New: Support for token-based authentication.
Package Connection
  • New: Support for packages stored in Integration Services (SSISDB) Catalog
Pardot Connection
  • New: Support for reading from 'Email', 'Email Stats' resources.
  • New: Authentication now placed in request header as required by service.
PureCloud Connection
  • New: Introduced connection.
QuickBooks Desktop Connection
  • New: Support for QuickBooks Online OAuth 2.0 authentication.
  • New: Updated QuickBooks Desktop web service proxy to version 13.
  • New: A new parameter QBXMLVersion for use with QuickBooks Desktop connections.
  • Fixed: Failed with error when using 'ItemSites' object (Thank you, Joel).
REST Connection
  • New: Ability to author configurations to arbitrary REST services.
  • New: Slight modifications in the RCM configuration format for improved consistency.
  • New: Getting Help now opens a more relevant documentation page (depending on the selected configuration and current tab).
  • New: Included option to tweak user agent of web browser used in 'New Token' wizard dialog.
REST Destination
  • New: Usability improvements in the UI for managing parameters.
REST Source
  • New: A new parameter Endpoint to explicitly specify the endpoint used for data retrieval.
  • New: Usability improvements in the UI for managing parameters.
  • New: A design-time log, accessible via a new 'View Log' button (for troubleshooting purposes).
  • New: Enhancements in the logging output.
Sailthru Connection
  • New: Introduced connection.
Salesforce Connection
  • New: Updated web service proxy to version 45.
Salesforce Source
  • New: Improved the metadata initialization when using SOQL statements (no more missing columns if the result contains empty fields).
  • New: Support for Bulk mode for SOQL statements.
  • Fixed: The "Preview" failed with "EXCEEDED_ID_LIMIT" error under some conditions.
Shopify Connection
  • New: Support for 'Inventory Item', 'Inventory Level', 'Inventory Location' resources.
Sisense Connection
  • New: Introduced connection.
SMTP Connection
  • New: A new parameter Pipelining.
  • New: A new parameter Chunking.
Sort Plus
  • New: Introduced component.
SSH Connection
  • New: A new parameter Compression.
  • New: Included support for Curve25519 elliptic curve algorithm.
WordPress Connection
  • New: Introduced connection.
Zoho CRM Connection
  • New: Included configuration for v2 API.
Zuora Connection
  • New: Support for ZOQL statements.