SSIS is Microsoft's premier enterprise-grade ETL platform. Over the years it has gained a huge market share due to its reliability, excellent performance and the availability of third-party addons that enable connecting to a plethora of systems and applications. But SSIS has one major limitation, being primarily a scheduled, batch processing system. Out of the box, it doesn't support event-triggered data and application integration. To be able to support near real-time data processing, companies are forced to either use workarounds or look outside SSIS. So far, the following options have been available:

  • Schedule SSIS package execution often, the unfortunate result being increased resource use if there is no data to be processed.
  • Use other systems like BizTalk to handle the external events.
  • Implement non-trivial custom solutions for a bridge that could initiate processing based on an event.

COZYROC is happy to introduce SSIS NoW technology that aims to fill this gap and make it easy to support event-triggered execution for near real-time data processing. Its key features include:

  • Support for webhooks and the ability to use other trigger APIs.
  • Reliable events handling with the use of message queuing technology.
  • Scalable, distributed package execution for handling a large number of events.
  • "Warm-start" package execution for optimal performance.

We believe this new technology increases SSIS platform capabilities even further. SSIS NoW is immediately available for use by all COZYROC SSIS+ Ultimate subscription customers. There is no additional cost to be paid.

To find more details about the SSIS NoW technology, please visit the page here. Feel free to contact us and provide your feedback.

We have one announcement to make:

  • Starting on December 1st, 2019 the cost of one SSIS+ Ultimate subscription will be $799/year for new subscriptions. The price for existing subscribers stays the same, as long as their subscriptions are kept current.