Thursday, July 13, 2023 - 04:19
2.1 Library
  • Fixed: [Base] Code that serialized script parameters into variables failed when project parameters were prefixed with underscore (_) character - 3505
  • Fixed: [JSON Destination] Issue with opening the Editor before specifying the JSON sample - 3500
  • Fixed: [Data Flow Task Plus] Remove special THUNK_COLUMN if included in 'Data Conversion' component - 3496
  • Fixed: [Smartsheet] When clear parameter was configured, the destination sheet was incorrectly reset during design time - 3490
  • Fixed: [REST] WebView2 module crash when trying to handle localhost hookup. - 3487
  • Fixed: [Sage Intacct] Included definition for create_sotransaction action.... - 3479
  • New: [Hubspot] Increased Contact resource action batch limit to 1000. - 3480
  • New: [LDAP Destination] Support for changing user passwords in Active Directory (via the "unicodePwd" field)
  • Fixed: [LDAP Destination] An issue with DT_GUID and DT_DBTIMESTAMP values
  • New: [LDAP Destination] Include complete error details in error messages - 3466
  • New: [LDAP Destination] Support for renaming objects (via updating their CN) - 3157
  • Fixed: [Base] Stream abstraction over BlobColumn is no longer attached to current buffer row. - 3476
  • Fixed: [REST] Failed to retrieve complex structured fields. - 3474
  • Fixed: [Parallel Loop Task] Error when executing parent->child package with parameters with coinciding names - 3472
  • Fixed: [Salesforce Source] Got NULL when an output column names differs from an external column name - 3464
  • Fixed: [REST] When preparing the payload for an action, preserve the order of the defined fields - 3460
  • New: [Parquet Source] Remove the Schema property and make the component more convenient to use in dynamic data flows - 3427