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COZYROC has been a pioneer in the SSIS component market since 2006. The sole focus of our company is delivering the best tools and developer experience for the Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services platform.

Besides providing high-quality components for integration with a multitude of systems and applications, we also take pride in consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with SSIS. We have never been afraid to innovate and extend even some of the core capabilities of the platform, so that you can get the most out of it.

I use COZYROC’s SSIS tasks and components and recommend them to my customers. COZYROC tasks and components are affordable and just work.

Andy LeonardEnterprise Data & Analytics

Dynamic data flows

The standard Data Flow Task is a powerful tool for processing large amounts of data in an efficient, streaming fashion. However it is limited only to data flows that are statically defined at design time. Every time you need to handle a new column you are required to update the affected SSIS packages.

Data Flow Task Plus (an extension of the standard Data Flow Task) addresses this limitation. It supports dynamic data flows, i.e. it allows columns to retrieved and mapped dynamically at runtime. Any standard or SSIS+ transformation, component or script may be used with this task.

If you have ever wanted to build a meta-driven data integration process with SSIS (a capability found in much more costly enterprise ETL platforms), you now have the proper tools at hand.

The COZYROC suite has saved me hundreds of hours of SSIS development work. The Data Flow Task Plus makes my packages dynamic and reusable, enabling me to quickly make updates without redeploying.

Jeff HollowaymTrade

Event-based processing technology

SSIS was designed to be the leading ETL framework for powerful data integration scenarios. With the introduction of COZYROC SSIS NoW technology it is now possible to also implement event-based processing for near-realtime application integration. This makes SSIS the ultimate integration platform for solving any business requirement.

Scripting on Steroids

Whenever you need to do something custom in your ETL scenarios, the standard C#/VB.NET scripting features in SSIS are the default tool for the job. But if you would like to reuse these scripts in another package, your only option is to copy-and-paste the code, which significantly reduces the long-term maintainability of your solution.

Our Script Task Plus and Script Component Plus solved the code reuse limitation and also enabled creating a simple UI for convenient parameterization of scripts.

In the SSIS+ 1.9 release, we decided that SSIS scripting can be enhanced further and introduced support for JavaScript. A low-ceremony, versatile language like JavaScript is better suited for simple scripting needs and it ships with a super convenient VSTA-free editing experience.

Reusable scripts

Parallel loops

The standard For Each Loop can only process loop items in sequential order. We have created an alternative Parallel Loop Task that supports concurrent executions of loop items. By better utilizing the available CPU cores of your servers, it allows you to significantly cut the execution times of your packages.

Without the Parallel Loop Task we could never keep up with processing all the files that come in.

Mark TassinApplied Systems, Inc

Sorting big volumes of data

The standard Sort component can only process as much data as it can fit in RAM. Thus it usually hangs when trying to process 2-4 GB. We have created an alternative Sort Plus component that can handle much bigger data volumes by using smart chunking and caching of data on disk. Unlike the built-in Sort, it supports multiple inputs, too.


All of our tasks and components which handle input/output data operate in a memory-efficient “streaming” mode. This means that you can easily implement processes where the data can be securely downloaded, uncompressed, read and loaded into a database. All of this is done within memory without ever landing on the file system.

No need to worry about running out of RAM and no need to clean up temporary files with sensitive data.


Best value

We want you to focus on the best possible design for your customers' needs and let COZYROC handle the tools. At $1199/year, SSIS+ provides an impressive suite of ETL components at an unbeatable price. We are committed to keeping our product affordable for organizations of all sizes.

There has never been a better time to be a SSIS developer!

I’ve been working with COZYROC for more than 5 years now and it is definitely the best packaged components for SSIS on the market.

Bruce BarthThe PAN Foundation

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