Dear Customers and Friends,

Microsoft released a new SSDT 17 version on Apr 19th, 2017. The new release includes support for SQL Server vNext version packages. By default, all new solutions are initialized for the target version to be SQL Server vNext. COZYROC's components in SSIS+ 1.7 official are not yet available for the next SQL Server version.

To make COZYROC's components available in the new SSDT 17 version, change the target platform version to one of the other three available options: SQL 2012, SQL 2014, or SQL 2016. For steps how to set the target platform version, check the post here.

Once this change is made to your solution, COZYROC's components will load successfully into the SSIS Toolbox and be available for use.

Updated Jun 11, 2017: Included link to a post how to set the target platform version in Visual Studio.