Saturday, February 12, 2022 - 06:03
2.1 Library
  • Fixed: [General] Preview in some source components editors was very slow when displaying many columns.
  • Fixed: [Installer] Jurassic.v4.5.dll was not installed in GAC on servers with SQL Server 2019.
  • Fixed: [LDAP Destination] Properly handle input columns of type DT_TEXT/DT_NTEXT.
  • Fixed: [REST Connection Manager] A regression with not being able to browse to a file (e.g. in Google BigQuery "Service Account" authentication).
  • Fixed: [REST] Don't wrap undefined and null in utils.ensureArray function.
  • Fixed: [REST] Incorrect handling of text content response.
  • New: [Blackbaud] Support for reading 'School | User' using new list id API.
  • New: [Capsule CRM] New configuration.
  • New: [Excel] Use latest FlexCel library version.
  • New: [File Transfer Task] When creating a new connection, display the supported list of REST configurations to enable quicker selection.
  • New: [Google Cloud Storage] New configuration.
  • New: [Microsoft Dataverse] Defined separate components for lookup fields.
  • New: [Multiple] More detailed logging in several destination components.
  • New: [REST Config Editor] Display Editor of user defined property.
  • New: [REST] Support for client certificates.
  • New: [Sage Intacct] Improved handling for object detail fields.
  • New: [Salesforce] Updated to use latest 54 API version.