DEPRECATED: Starting with SSIS+ 1.9, the .NET scripts are no longer maintained. Use the provided JavaScript alternative scripts instead.
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Script task to verify for existence of remote FTP file.


The script has the following parameters:

  • FtpConnection - secure FTP connection manager selection (SFTP, FTPS).
  • RemoteFile - path of remote file to check.
  • CheckLocal - if true, check additional remote file attributes against a local file.
  • LocalFile - path of local file to compare against.
  • CheckSize - if true, include verification of remote file size against local file size.
  • CheckTime - if true, include verification of remote file modification time against local file modification time.

If the verification process is successful, the task result is success. Otherwise it is to set failure and you can take further appropriate actions in your SSIS workflow.


Depends on COZYROC Script Task Plus for implementing parameters user interface.
Depends on COZYROC SSH Connection Manager or FTPS Connection Manager for securely accessing remote FTP server.
Requires installation of COZYROC SSIS+ 1.3 library.

Library references

  • System
  • System.Data
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.ScriptTask
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS
  • CozyRoc.SSISPlus