Distributed Cache API


These public interfaces are used in Distributed Cache components. They are provided for implementing advanced functionality in your scripts. In order for you to use these interfaces in your project, you have to reference CozyRoc.SSISPlus.dll.


When you call Distributed Cache Connection Manager AcquireConnection method, it returns object implementing ICacheConnection interface. This is the interface used for interaction with Windows AppFabric cache service.

Connect method

Connects to Windows AppFabric cache service. The method result is IDictionary object.

Close method

Closes the connection to Windows AppFabric cache service. Use always after you finish working with the service.

IsConnected method

Returns true if connected to the service.

Configuration property (string)

Specify cache configuration file.

Cache property (string)

Specify cache name. This parameter is optional. If not specified, the manager will return the default cache.

Region property (string)

Specify region inside cache. This parameter is optional.

RetainSameConnection property (bool)

Specify if all clients should use the same connection. This property has the options listed in the following table.

Value Description
True All clients use same connection (default).
False Every client uses different connection.